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develop a workshop / nursing focusing on the soft skills used for managing people. the soft approaches implies the human side of HRM. GUIDELINES: Human Capital Theory states that organizations derive economic value from employees skills competences knowledge and experience (Truss C . 2012).choose 3 soft skills for managing HR effectively/efficiently and develop for the managers of your organisation.1. write an introduction by introducing a theme. justify yuor choice. 2. choose your 3 topics and justify why have chosen these topices for SHRM 3. align your choice with vision mission and strategic plan 4.write 3 or 4 learning objectives for each of each of the topics. (bloom taxonomy should be used for level 5 high level for verbs) 5. choose guest speakers for your topics. justify why 6. draw up: a tamplet for the following: programme evaluation form invitations(specify number) suggest a budget venue and date others 7. conclude 8. not to exceed 2000 wards excluding table graphs


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