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Research the meaning of professional certification and explain the difference in a certificate, certification and license. You may use the following internet resources but additional academic research will be required. Though some of the references may not deal directly with the STS certification, much of the information will cross over of why certification is important. The focus of your research should not be of any certification but an “accredited and recognized” professional HSE credential.
Sources: Recommend using Onepetro database.
Salary Calculator
Develop a two full page essay paper that sufficiently answers the following questions. 
1. Explain the basic difference between obtaining a certificate and receiving certification within the meaning of an accredited credential? Provide three examples of accredited professional HSE certifications and three examples of certificates (non-accredited) credentials.
2. Why should certification be important to you as a safety professional? 
3. What are the professional benefits if you are a certified safety professional and how will it impact you over a career in HSE?
4. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years and how would certification assist you in reaching your professional goals?
5.  With your previous experience, how would certification possibly affect your present salary? Use the 2015 BCSP Certification Salary Scale located at to   
support your determination. 
The paper must include specific APA formatted references providing the source of your information to which you relied upon in your conclusions.


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