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Develop a genogram that provides an effective tool for gathering family data, Provide a visual portrayal of a patient’s family health history as the history pertains to the physical exam, Provide healthcare providers with a clearer picture of a patient’s non-modifiable risk factors, and Discuss their understanding of the patient’s genomic profile and the relationship to current health concerns.History Mothers father died November2011 colon cancer complication age 87 has 14 kids , 7 with mothers mother Mothers mother died of stroke complications April 2013 age 82 has 7 kids only Fathers mother died of ovairan cancer 2005 age 67 Father father died 2003 stroke complication age 72 Mother has history glaucoma and high blood pressure starting age 50 currently age 54 Father has history of high blood press onset at age 45 currently age 55, has no siblings Female age 28 anemic – 2 brothers ages 30 and 25. all overweight by 30-50lbs


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