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AssignmentMust be in 12 point, Times New Roman with 1” margins. Length should be approximately 3 pages double spaced (excluding Title Page, Abstract page and References page) including your summary paper of research and your QAPI worksheet. Must follow all APA format requirements.All questions must be responded to.Reading:Go to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website and read about QAPI (Quality Assurance Process Improvement) and the 5 elements of QAPI. These elements can also be found on the Joint Commission for Accreditation website at 1 Directions:Use the same nursing facility you selected for Discussion Board 1 on the CMS Nursing Home Compare website ( your chosen facility, select eitherA.) an inspection result health deficiency ORB.) a quality measure that is rated below the quality average for Kentucky or National.*Note: I have provided an example of both Option A and Option B at the end of this document to help you understand what I am asking you to do.Provide detail on what quality measure you have selected.Provide a weblink to the quality measure you have selected.Research: find at minimum of 2 full article references on Google Scholar that provide history or recommendations relative to the quality measure you selected. For example, you might choose residents that experienced pain as your quality measure to improve upon because your nursing home has a higher than average rating for that quality measureYou can find articles that talk about pain levels of residents, how to determine pain for non-communicating residents, alternative methods to pain reduction, etc. Summarize and cite these sources in 1-2 pages and how that information was utilized and beneficial to development of your QAPI Goal Setting Worksheet.*Your goals/action plans must be REALISTIC!!!! Do not put that you will do a daily audit every shift of with every staff member because you cannot possibly do that unless within your document you state staff that will assist you in that process. Again, think about if what you have put is REALISTIC or not.


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