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This assignment will use the readings and discussions as a base for an individual assignment where students will play the role of an HR professional and will develop an HR plan for a franchise owner. They will apply HR Planning knowledge to forecast demand and supply and then develop a clear plan to address the resulting labour shortage or surplus.Dessler, G., Chhinzer, N., & Cole, N. D. (2014). Human resources management in Canada (12th Canadian ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Pearson Canada Inc.Case INCIDENTWhat Is a Human Resources Consultant to Do?Anthony LePage is the owner of a local recruitmentagency that has an established presence in the northern Ontario market. He is looking to expand its service offerings to include consulting services to small businesses. A recent n1arketing blitz advertising this new service has led to a new partnership with a large local manufacturing business.After the meeting with the owner of the manufacturing business, the mandate is clear that the owner is seeking the agency’s assistance in creating and writing job descriptions for all of the positions within the company. Some of these positions include administrative assistants, sales, engineering, and skilled trades, along with many others. There are more than 100 descriptions to write. The owner would like to see a sample job description within one week before he signs the contract to complete the remainder of the job descriptions.Anthony LePage has just hired you as the hun1anresources consultant in charge of producing this jobdescription sample for his new client and has askedyou to answer the following questions.QUESTIONS1 Outline what the crucial differences are betweena job description and a job specification.2 The owner of the business has heard that qualitative. methods produce the best job descriptions. Would you atten1pt to persuade hin1 otherwise?3 Develop a sample job description for the positionof administrative assistant for the owner and explain why you included the various sections that you did.4 The owner has heard from some of his colleaguesabout the use of competencies. He wants to know what they are and if these should be incorporatedinto the job descriptions he requiresInstructionsNOTE: your plan will need to include three strategies that focus on at least two of the following areas of HR: Training, Career Development, Total Rewards, and Turnover Management. The HR Plan: Part 1 and 2 will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall.A peer evaluation process will also be used, and all students will be required to complete the Peer Evaluation form and submit with the final paper.


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