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The Assignment:
Paper (2–3 pages)
Section I Summarize the health problem related to the particular community you identified for your Final Project. Develop a research question related to a problem. Provide a rationale for your selection of this question, along with supporting data.
Section II
Create an annotated bibliography of research related to this problem. In your annotated bibliography, include the following: Six to eight resources on the identified public health problem related to the research question. For each source, write a brief summary of the key points of the study. Include the problem, main research question, study type, and an analysis of the major findings. You may also include any information or notes that you believe are relevant and would be useful to you as you revisit your bibliography later. An explanation of the problem areas and gaps in the existing research revealed by the annotated bibliography.
The majority of the resources should be primary research. Annotations should describe relevancy and timeliness and should indicate whether the research is primary or secondary.


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