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Question one

a)     The Umblic Torus sculpture was built by Dr. Helaman Ferguson

b)    The sculpture has three cusps called deltoid, that enables travelling three times round the ring before ending at the starting point. It equally testifies an amalgamation of two theories of arts and mathematics as well as two posters.

c)     By applying the concept of finding the area of a deltoid, which is given by 2; where a is the radius of the rolling circle.

Thus, the area of the sculpture can be given as 2



d)    It is solid

According to the architectural design adopted by Ferguson, using bronze plates, and a crew comprising welders, engineers, programmers could only yield an arrangement of bronze plates with stints of mathematical edifice to celebrate it. Equally, a weight of 10 tones is just a composition of solid matter.

Question two

Born in August 19, 1944, Wang is an accomplished author, technologist and businessman.

Wang is famously known for the foundation and success of a software company, Computer Associates that rocked the field of IT with over $1billion sales. As a CEO, he emphasized more on development and marketing of new technologies

The dimensions of the Pagoda can be related to the ancient Asian and Chinese temples. The Pagoda assumes a 100 ft. comprising seven octagonal shapes.

Question three

(a).  the SUNYLAB structure is an in vitro model machine that uses mechanics, adhesion and spreading, motility and bio mineralization used in the investigation of the cell ECM interactions during bone differentiation process.

(b). The force that each stand supports is a 1/3 of the full weight of the particular SUNYLAB machine. Consequently, given the weight as defined by the pull of gravity acting perpendicularly on an object, the force being supported by the three stands is shared out equally.

(c) reduction of sizes of parts enclosed by the casing and eventually the casing to be able to compact it according to my need. Reducing the weight of the base support of the machine, and also reducing on the globe on top of the machine in compliance with the new size it is being tailored to meet.


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