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1.  This course has taught me a significant amount about writing mechanics and how to put together a paper that proves a point you are trying to make while also including the “other side”. The hardest part for me into unit 8 was keeping focused on my thesis and not actually chaning my entire position at the end. The easist part was actually sitting down and putting “words on paper” so to say. The concepts of this course will help my career as I write business proposals and initiatives that would be presented to the department director and eventually the county board of supervisors for consideration.
2. Over the length of the semester, I have learned many different concepts and important information that I can apply in my life. The main part of this course that really stood out to me was the unit on how to properly lead a group. I learned that there is a bunch of different leadership styles and that everyone has their own approach. Within each style there are advantages and disadvantages. It mostly depends on the individuals personality as to which leadership style that you prefer. I found out that I mostly align with the democratic way of being a leader. Now that I know this, I can implement it in my line of work correctly. It also helped me get a better grasp on leadership styles that are not the same as mine and why they lead the way that they do. This makes me more tolerating of others and therefore creates a better work environment.


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