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An 1200 word essay regaurding Army appearence according to artical IAW AR 670-1, written in APA including title page w/ running header, footer, and page number sequence. Abstract page, reference page, valid sources & websites (not wikipedia) ( sources can include army regulation, books and scholarly).In my opinion, America’s election process is more than broken; it’s outdated, at times very complicated to follow and filled with so much drama and fighting. Many Americans would prefer to remain uninvolved, unregistered or what feels like; just vote for one candidate over the other out of spite rather than the candidates platform and views.  The election process should be fair and provide a clear and uncluttered view of the candidate and their stand on issues affecting the United States and its citizens.How many states have voting machines that are updated? As recent as the 2016 Presidential election, it was clear for anyone with at least one eye open that many voting machines were old and not even outfitted with current software. Why do we still have the electoral college and why don’t we just vote for the candidate that we wish to see on the ballot? It is clear to see that the Framers of the Constitution thought about many potential problems. However, is it not problematic if a candidate could win the election with fewer popular votes over the other candidate? This has happened with Rutherford B Hays in 1876, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 and George W Bush in 2000.We continue to hear reports about the dwindling numbers of voter turnout. Maybe if the United States made the registration process easier or possibly allow registration at the time a person receives a driver’s license, files taxes or even enrolls their child(ren) in school. After all, five states already have laws that make it mandatory when citizens go to the DMV. Maybe there would even be a way to allow citizens to vote through the internet. It all seems so overwhelming at times.Many voters today, in my opinion, vote for one candidate versus the other just out of spite. We see in the news every election year, the mudslinging and attempted character assassination. The focus is then taken away from what the candidate knows, has experienced and can do while in office.Voting doesn’t have to be outdated, complicated or spiteful. The most qualified candidate should be nominated and win. After all, it should be all about what is best for the United States and its citizens. I won’t presume to know the answer to solving America’s election process but, isn’t it obvious that something should be done?


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