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CHAPTER 1: Essay/Study Questions
Choose two questions and write a 1-2 paragraph (600 word max) response for each.   One theory holds that the origin of visible language may have evolved from the need of early village societies to keep records. Discuss early Sumerian village culture in Mesopotamia, focusing on agriculture, religion, and social order, and explaining the relationship of each to writing. Include three artifacts to support your argument. Clay was used as a substrate in Mesopotamia, while papyrus was used in Egypt. Discuss the origin of each as a writing substrate, explain how each was prepared for use, and describe what tools were used for writing and how those tools influenced the look of the writing. Provide examples to support your discussion. In August 1799, while occupying the Egyptian town of Rosetta, Napoleon’s troops unearthed a black slab bearing an inscription in two languages and three scripts. Identify the languages and scripts, describe the historical context in which the slab was produced, discuss the significance of the slab, and discuss how its meaning was discovered and who was responsible for deciphering it.


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