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You were recently promoted and now serve as Mayor Samantha Smith’s professional speechwriter. Mayor Smith has been asked to address the Twin Fawn Community Association about the issue of building a swimming pool in the neighborhood. As you analyze the audience (community members), which one of the factors (characteristics) listed below will you consider as you prepare Mayor Smith’s speech? Provide a thorough explanation for your choice.Writing Assignment #5 The Technical ReportThroughout the semester we have practiced a variety of technical writing, including technical descriptions, emails, memos, and many other writing tasks that will aid you as you create a Technical Report. The reports will be entered into an online database to be used within the organization by professionals across several disciplines (e.g., engineers, technical communicators, scientists, and business professionals). Additionally, the database will be public to outsiders who also use the library (e.g., students, educators, clients, and members of the general public).Audience Analysis: You will complete the audience analysis worksheet, considering the assigned scenario, and the potential audiences/purpose you might encounter in your technical report. Please keep in mind the variety of audiences you have including your co-working team, your boss, and the potential readers of this report once it is entered into the library database.Proposal:You will write a proposal detailing your topic and how it is a valuable event to explore. Discuss the relevance of your source material (it should be clear you’ve researched your topic), how you plan to approach the topic, and how you plan to strategically address your audience.You will also include a list of source material you intend to use to support the information in your report. Your sources must include a minimum of five peer reviewed sources and be formatted according to APA style standards (see Appendix A of your textbook). You may include additional sources in your final report.Technical Report:Required elements of your report:Ayub, M. (2019, July). Investigation of March 15, 2018 Pedestrian Bridge Collapse at Florida International University, Miami, FL. Retrieved July 9, 2019, from Report Detail. (n.d.). Retrieved July 10, 2019, from Press, & Npr. (2018, March 18). UPDATE: All Victims Recovered In Miami Bridge Collapse, Police Say. Retrieved July 9, 2019, from this and 2 extra your choice:Required ComponentsCover Page: This page should contain the title of your report, your name, our class information and the date. Also include any additional information in accordance with your citation methodology of choice. Briefly detail what your citation methodology requires here: The proposal:Topic name: The Collapse of the Pedestrian Bridge at Florida International UniversityJack WRIT 3130-Technical WritingJuly 23, 2019The research will be done via Galileo from the Georgia Southern library database. From here, I will also do an academic search for relevant articles about the incident. I will look specifically for peer-reviewed articles, journal articles, and specific articles of the engineering done on the bridge. Additionally, I want to look for any credible interviews of the victims’ families for a different perspective on the disaster.Abstracts: Your abstract will be a descriptive abstract. A descriptive abstract outlines your report’s content, but cannot replace the content of your report. What are the major content areas that your report explores? What are the contextual considerations? Consider chronology, stakeholders, events, and big picture ideas that explain the content of your work. (Consult the example on 188 in Tebeaux and Dragga for an example).The major content that I want to cover is the focus on the engineering perspective and how bridge was designed, the communication between people during the process of building it, the reasons why the design was flawed, and lastly the discussion how people were affected by this disaster. Overall, the general conclusion I want to get across to the audience is the importance of communication and how things can be changed for future designs to avoid incidents such as the collapse of the Pedestrian bridge.Introduction: What kind of information does the audience need to understand the background and context of the event? What do your readers need to know to appreciate the in-depth exploration they are about to encounter? What are the major areas of exploration the reader can expect to encounter?The information that needs to be in the introduction is the general information such as the name of the people involved, the location and time of the incident, and the emphasis on reason why this disaster should be discussed. I want to explain the basic information to the audience in a simple language that all people can understand, even if they do not have any background information regarding engineering, etc. Most of all, I want to touch open the safety aspects of the collapse, so that the audience can understand the pressing matter on why it is important to make careful decisions because it could affect people of the community.Body of the Report: You will need to organize your report with sub-headings. How will you group your information? Consider the variety of ways you might explore your topic. Consider the major areas of information you will need to account for in the report. What are the major areas of your topic? How can you group your research? Chronologically? Technology? Advancements in Science? Political/Social factors? List below potential subheadings to help you organize your report’s exploration: Conclusion: Remember that the purpose of this report is to help your organizations learn from past engineering disasters or usability fails. What are the key take-aways from the research you’ve outlined? How do we benefit from learning about past errors? What, in particular, can we learn? The purpose of this report is to help organizations to avoid these types of engineering disasters. These past mistakes can be taken into considerations when building bridges in the future. Also, it is immensely significant to make organizations realize that communication is very important and that it can even help save lives of people in the community. The overall message for the audience to gain is that there are no shortcuts in life and that even one flaw can cost a life.Submission Criteria


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