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In this assignment, you will develop and submit a  project plan for a community intervention that addresses a significant  public health problem of your choice aside from those topics that have  been already addressed in other assignments in this course. Your project  plan must be based on the PRECEDE-PROCEED model and at least two  behavior change theories included in this course.
Respond according to the following: Briefly describe the selected health problem and the population. Be  sure to select a health problem that has not already been addressed in  other assignments in this course. Identify key behavioral and environmental risk factors for this health issue in this population. Describe and justify the selection of at least two theories of  health behavior that can be used to address the behavior problem (the  theories should be at different levels—i.e., individual, interpersonal,  community). Identify predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors for  behavior change based on the theoretical constructs from the preceding  step. Using SMART objectives, develop at least one process and one impact  and one outcome objective, and provide a brief overview of an evaluation  strategy.
Be creative, but also use scholarly support and appropriate references.
 Write a 6–8-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. 


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