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Use for this exercise
Exercise 1
1. Close the Announcement Window
2. On the TOP Menu. Select File –> New and Type  “University of The Cumberlands is located in Florence, KY”
2. On the TOP menu. click on Encrypt/Decrypt
3. Select Symmetric (Classic)
4. Select Caesar/ROT13
    Read the description
    Click on the Radio Button for Caesar
    Click on the Alphabet and type E (you want an A to be substituted with an E (It is a “4” shift)
5. Click on ENCRYPT
Save your output as you will need it later for the QUIZ
6. Click on CANCEL
Exercise 2
1. Now from the TOP menu, select Symmetric –> Vigenere
2. In the Key box, type “APPLE”
3. Click on Encrypt
4. Save your output as you will need it later for the QUIZ
Exercise 3
Use Cryptool to Decrypt the following. The encryption algorithm is Caesar Cipher.
mbizdyyv sc k mywzboroxcsfo pboo onemkdsyxkv zbyqbkw
klyed mbizdyqbkzri kxn mbizdkxkvicsc
yppobsxq ohdoxcsfo yxvsxo rovz kxn wkxi fscekvsjkdsyxc.
Remember the answer for your QUIZ
Exercise 4
Decrypt using Vigenere cipher – What is the key?
Rtsciv kevki jfsg veucc zyiq zrgvig tsrbig


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