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Basic Math Assignment (Total 40 Points)Question 1: (4 Points)a) The cost of a product went up $53 in 2012 and went down $47 in 2013. What is the overall change in price over the two-year period? 53-47=6.00b) Amit bounced three checks and the bank charge for each was $23. Use a negative or positive sign to express the total service charges.c) 53 ÷ 6 = (express using remainder)d) 28 – (- 17) =Question 2: (8 Points)a) 0.62 * 0.15 =b) Jorge’s checking account was overdrawn $37. If he deposited $48, what is his new balance?c) Uncle Marvin’s debts were divided between three of his nieces. If he owed a total of $14,886, how much was owed by each niece?d) 0.6298 – (-7.413) = (round to the nearest thousandth)e) 13.25 * (-9) =f) 6.956 ÷ (-3.7) =g) 29 * 3.275 = (round to the nearest hundredth)h) If the bank was asked to reverse a service charge they’d previously assessed, could the following problem be the correct way of calculating this? $109 – (28) = $81. True or false. Explain how you arrived at your conclusion.Question 3: (12 Points) Answers and work should be in fraction form.a) 5/6 + 1/7 =b) 2/5 – 5/8 =c) (1/8) (-6/7) =d) 16 ÷ 11/5 =Question 4: (16 Points)Bill and Jane have been offered jobs where they will be paid strictly on commission. They expect to receive 3% commission on all sales of Solar Panels they close. Jane’s goal is to earn a gross salary of $95,600 a year. Bill’s goal is to earn a gross salary of $47,000 a year part-time. How much in Solar Panel sales would Bill and Jane need individually in order to reach their targeted salaries? Show your work.Bill:Jane:


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