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LDR 535 (Change Management Plan) Complete CourseLDR 535 Week 1 DQ1Describe situations for two leadership theories you have used. Why did you choose those leadership tactics? How effective or ineffective was your leadership style in the scenario you described? Based on your reading and research, which other leadership theories may have been applied successfully to the scenarios you described?LDR 535 Week 1 DQ2Briefly describe an organizational change you have experienced. Which leadership styles did you observe from those who implemented the change? If you also managed the change, what leadership style did you use? How did these leadership styles promote or impede the change initiative?LDR 535 Week 1 Individual Assignment Leadership TheoriesLDR 535 Week 2 DQ 1What factors affect one’s attitude? How might one’s attitude affect one’s behavior? How do emotions influence behavior? How does the psychological contract affect one’s attitude and behavior?LDR 535 Week 2 DQ2How might conflicting values of an employee and manager affect the employee’s behavior? How might conflicting personalities on a team influence individual behaviors? How might consultants influence those managing a change initiative when a conflict of personality or values exists?LDR 535 Week 2 Individual Assignment Leadership RecommendationLDR 535 Week 2 Learning Team ReflectionLDR 535 Week 3 DQ1As a consultant, how might you assess the culture of an organization? What information would you collect? How would you use the data you collect to influence change in the organization?LDR 535 Week 3 DQ2Why is knowledge of the current organizational culture important during a change initiative? How might the organizational culture affect the success of a change initiative? As a consultant, what approach would you take if the client organization has a culture that resists change?LDR 535 Week 3 Individual Assignment Executive Leadership SummaryLDR 535 Week 3 Learning Team ReflectionLDR 535 Week 4 DQ1What is the relationship between power and leadership in an organization? How is power gained? As a consultant, how can you leverage the power structure of a client organization? Why is leveraging the existing power structure beneficial during a change initiative?LDR 535 Week 4 DQ2How is influence different from power? As a consultant, which influence tactics might you use during a change initiative? With whom would you use each influence tactic? How might you use your knowledge of the client power structure to strategically select your influence tactic?LDR 535 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Assessment of Current EnvironmentLDR 535 Week 4 Learning Team ReflectionLDR 535 Week 5 DQ1What are four potential barriers to change? How might these impede the success of a change initiative? As a consultant, what mitigation strategies might you propose to your client for each of the potential barriers you identified?LDR 535 Week 5 DQ2How many alternative strategies should you prepare for a client? What factors may affect the implementation strategies you choose? How might you influence your client to choose the strategy you think best meets the goals of the change initiative? What might you do if the client seems to resist implementing any of your alternative strategies?LDR 535 Week 5 Individual Assignment Client Interaction StrategyLDR 535 Week 5 Learning Team ReflectionLDR 535 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Change Management PlanLDR 535 Week 6 Learning Team Reflection


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