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BSOP 429 Production Activity Control and Just-in-time 
Week 6
Week 6 DQ 1 (Supply Chain for JIT Operations)
JIT places certain new demands on the supply chain. At the same time, it provides much more simplified procedures and transactions. Discuss both the new demands and simplifications in the supply chain for JIT operations.
Week 6 DQ 2 (Lab 5 Assignment )
What should the first step be in our Week 6 Lab Assignment (5 of 6 labs)? Why? What should be the next step? Are there any other pitfalls to avoid? How do these points about operating bottlenecks impact WIP reporting?
Week 6 Assignments:
BSOP 429 Week 6 Lab JIT and Supply Chain Management
BSOP 429 Week 6 Lab WIP Report


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