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BURNOUT AND STRESS IN NURSING RELATED WITH LAZARUS & FOLKMAN’S THEORY Study Books Used in Class:Middle range theories: Application to nursing research (Required) Peterson, S. J., & Bredow, T. S. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008 ISBN: 0781785626 ISBN-13: 9780781785624Nursing theories: The base for professional nursing practice (Required) George, J. B. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson, 6th Edition, 2010 ISBN: 0135135834 ISBN-13: 9780135135839 Description: BURNOUT AND STRESS IN NURSING (CONCEPT OF INTEREST) RELATED WITH LAZARUS & FOLKMAN STRESS AND COPY THEORY (THE MIDDLE RANGE THEORY TO APPLY TO THE CONCEPT OF INTEREST)Breakdown of project, GROUP PRESENTATION (Please let us know if you prefer an assignment change): Part I. GOOD DESCRIPTION OF THEORY: (2-3 PEOPLE) STRESS AND COPING: A. Development – when, why, by whom, what discipline, revisions (include dates and description of changes) B. Purpose of the Theory C. Assumptions D. Key concepts & Propositions Part II. CRITIQUE OF THEORY (2-3 PEOPLE WORK ON THE CRITIQUE) (45%)–> Critique of the Theory (using Johnson and Webber’s (2005) Criterion-based critique model cited in George’s book page 16) Phase I – Intent of the theory I HAVE TO DEVELOP THIS PART (A.R) IN A NARRATIVE FORMAT Criterion 1 – Meaning is clear and understandable Criterion 2 – Boundaries are consistent with nursing practice Criterion 3 – Language is understandable and includes minimal jargon Phase II – Concepts and Propositions Criterion 4 – Major Concepts are identified and defined Criterion 5 – Concepts stimulate the formulation of propositions Criterion 6 – Variables (concepts) and assumptions help understand and interpret propositions Phase III – Usefulness in Nursing Practice Criterion 7 – Theoretical knowledge helps explain and predict phenomenon Criterion 8 – Theoretical knowledge influences nursing practiceDUE DATE: Please send slides in respect to assigned component by the deadline TO GRETHELL VIA BLACKBOARD (Please try to incorporate pictures for Power-point presentation) I WILL DO THIS PART OF THE PRESENTATION…THANKS YOU!! ;))


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