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Choose South Africa, Brazil, or an alternative choice (excluding Canada). Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the issues related to the group you chose with regard to their experience of prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation.
an analysis of the country you chose by addressing the following: Identify the country’s major racial or ethnic groups. Analyze the historical background and treatment of that country’s racial or ethnic groups, highlighting 2–3 important economic, social, and political forces that have shaped their experiences and/or pivotal events that were key turning points. Provide 2–3 examples of discrimination or other social challenges that help shed light on the historical realities of race and ethnic interactions. Compare the participation rates, employment levels, and income levels of the major racial or ethnic groups in that country. Analyze 1–2 key policies that seek to address racial and ethnic issues. Analyze foreseeable challenges this country might face as a result of emerging trends in racial and ethnic interactions.


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