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instructions for the paper:3-5 pages (double spaced) 4 pages are goodIntended to help you reflect on what you have learned in the class.Identify 3 major theories or concepts that we discussed and explain how these have influenced your understanding/use of social media. Your explanations should be as objective as possible, you should approach it as a social media scholar.Essay should include:Intro (what your general thought were about the material and what concepts you will be discussing)Body (detail how the ideas discussed factor into your understanding of social media)Conclusion (synthesize main points, and possible suggestions for topics).Please ensure that your paper is written professionally and free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.PS: I have uploaded 4 short PowerPoint (8-10 pages) for you to choose the theory from. I’m offering a higher price for a four-page paper because you need to go through these powerpoints. Make sure you write the theory according to the powerpoint because it is a term reflection. And please write the “user and gratification theory” and the “social comparison theory”, then choose another theory from “affordance” or “online disinhibition”. Also make sure you have at least 3 citations in APA format.


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