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This essay will compare and contrast your own LinkedIn profile with someone else’s. Choose a professor, upper year student, industry leader or other person with a robust profile. The profile you use for comparison should be one you can learn from and that will help you form recommendations for improving your own profile.Include a cover page with the following information:Your essay should be in 12 point font, single spaced, with paragraphs of a maximum of ten lines.A Human Resources Management (HRM) student will interview you for the same job that is being used in the Mock Interview assignment. The job description is attached here. The HRM student is responsible for designing and executing the interview including the following:You are responsible for the following:Grading: You will be graded primarily on your completion of the student feedback form, but one mark out of five will be deducted if you do not respond to the HRM student promptly to schedule the interview or show up for the interview at the scheduled time.


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