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For this week, I would like you to view a short (8 minutes) YouTube clip featuring Rabi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove on “Thinking Allowed”, discussing the topic of what he calls, Spiritual Eldering. 
Click here  to view the clip or enter the words “Rabi Zalman Spiritual Eldering YouTube” in your search engine. 
After watching the video clip, answer the questions listed below:  What is the essence of Spiritual Eldering as described by Rabi Zalman? Describe it in your own words; try to convey the gist of this interview in “simple” terms. Possibly imagine that you are talking to someone outside of these academic circles – what would you say the meaning of aging is, based on this interview? Give two examples of how you think elders can “upload” the wisdom of their life’s work onto the consciousness of the next generation. Describe your thoughts in practical terms – what does it look like?  What should older adults focus on, in terms of priorities, as part of their legacy? Describe what connections you were able to make between the content of this interview and the concepts discussed in this week’s assigned reading.


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