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Medical Law and EthicsUNIT V CASE STUDY· Read Ethics Issue 1 in your textbook on page 227. If you refer the the other case study paper earlier this term (UNIT 1), specifically the feedback I provided to you, this will help you to figure out how to think of this case study paper. This being said, I have one general recommendation: Read the case study at least three times, as follows: (1) For your first read, just read to enjoy the case study and gather a general sense of the information throughout. (2) During your second read, TAKE NOTES on every paragraph–try to understand the perspectives involved; pose questions that may not be answered completely in the case study, etc. (3) In your third read, start the form draft responses to the questions listed below…make sure to refer to your notes from read #2 as well.· As you read the issue, consider the concepts and topics taught throughout Chapter 8: Privacy, Security, and Fraud. You may want to “skim the chapter” right before reading the case study so that you refresh yourself on the key terms and concepts within Chapter 8. USE THOSE TERMINOLOGIES in your responses to the questions below.· Examine the issues presented by the case study, and write a response to the questions below.· Is it ethical for healthcare practitioners to share the condition of a patient with the patient’s employer? Why, or why not? Remember this is all about disclosure and release of health information. Now, we have something called the legal health record (LHR), which is certain types of information in the health record take doesn’t require a patient waiver of confidentiality to disclose. Why? Also, think about the concepts of (1) protected health information (PHI) and (2) sensitive health information. These types of health information are confidential–sometimes even confidential to the patient him or her self. Why? ===> NOTICE HOW I KEEP ASKING THE QUESTION “WHY?” … You have to ask “why?” in order to truly understand what is going on.· As a healthcare practitioner, how can you address questions and concerns from friends and family members regarding information on others discovered in the course of their employment? Explain your answer. The only hint I can give you (without giving away anything) is that you really CANNOT answer this question WITHOUT first answering the first question. Once you form a perspective on question #1, then you need to think of Question #2 as the “consequence” to that perspective…. that’s all I can give you… sorry! · Respond to these questions in a Word document. Use the APA template in Microsoft word. Go to the template gallery and search for “APA Template.” This will automatically format your document.· Your responses should be at least one page, double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Since the length of your response must be 1-page, this means that you need to have about 300 words–as this makes up about 1 page in APA style. So, let’s break this down into something useful. If you have two questions (and about 300 words), simply DIVIDE the word count across the questions. So you can simply structure your paper as such:· Title page – 1 page (doesn’t count in page count)· Body – 1 page / about 300 words· QUESTION #1 RESPONSE = 150 WORDS: You need only write about 1-2 paragraphs to reach 150 words–depending on paragraph length.· QUESTION #2 RESPONSE = 150 WORDS: You need only write about 1-2 paragraphs to reach 150 words–depending on paragraph length.· References – likely 1 page (doesn’t count in page count)· Note = You may use APA Style headings to structure your paper into two sections per question.· Use APA style writing when creating your response. Simply use the APA template, provide in-text citations throughout and a reference list. This will cover the essential APA formatting needs.


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