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QUESTION 1 Which of the following is a basic element of classical criminology?  Human behavior is a product of social, biological, or economic forces that can be empirically measured.  Crime exists because of a lack of norms or clear social standards.  Crime is attractive when it promises great benefits with little effort.  Crime is a product of the capitalist system.  QUESTION 2 Rational choice theorists view crime as both _________ and ________ specific.  Offense and offender  Reward and offender  Victim and offender  Offense and victim  QUESTION 3 ______________ behavior is any action that departs from the social norms of society.  Deviant  Illegal  Criminal  Misdemeanor  QUESTION 4 Which was the first written criminal code?  Common Law Code  Mosaic Code  Code of Hammurabi  QUESTION 5 To address the nonreporting issue, the federal government sponsors the:  IPSR  UCR  FDIC  NCVS  QUESTION 6 ____________ deterrence holds that criminal sanctions should be so powerful that known criminals will never repeat their criminal acts.  Broad  Interval  Intermediate  Specific  QUESTION 7 ____________ uses multiple advances computational methods, including artificial intelligence, to analyze large data sets usually involving one or more data solutions.  Data mining  Crime mapping  Logic bombing  Trojan horsing  QUESTION 8 Criminologists look for _________ crime-rate patters to gain insight into the nature of crime.  Increasing  Decreasing  Random  Stable  QUESTION 9 In the past, how did criminologists view crime victims?  As an indirect role in a criminal incident.  As merely the passive targets of a criminal’s anger or greed.  As fully responsible for the criminal incident.  As an active role in the incident.  QUESTION 10 People who are crime victims are ___________ likely to commit crimes themselves.  Less  Equally  Not  More  QUESTION 11 People living ___________ are more likely to be vandalized.  On military bases  In rural areas  In suburban communities  In cities  QUESTION 12 Victim precipitation can be either:  Scientific or empirical  Active or passive  Encouraged or discouraged  Instigated or non-responsive  QUESTION 13 Shoplifting and vandalism are considered ________ thrills because getting away with crime is a thrilling demonstration of personal competence.  Cunning  Tricky  Sneaky  Sexy  QUESTION 14 What occurs when increased patrols in one community shift the crime to a more vulnerable neighborhood?  Diffusion  Replacement  Discouragement  Displacement  QUESTION 15 What is the repetition of criminal behavior called?  Recidivism  Retaliation  Reparation  Restitution  QUESTION 16 ____________ assumes that behavioral traits may be inherited but that they may also evolve.  Sociobiology  Meta-evolution  Microbiology  Biophysics  QUESTION 17 When looking at the connection between genetics and crime, researchers have evaluated all the following except:  Parental deviance studies  Adoption studies  Twin studies  Diet studies  QUESTION 18 According to social learning theories, violence is le


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