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Overall information about the team consultancy projectImagine you are a consultant for a consultancy company. RMIT University is one of your clients. Team assignments have has become an often-used assessment format in universities because they can encourage collaboration, innovation and team learning. The student body of RMIT is becoming increasingly multicultural. RMIT would like to hire you to investigate multicultural student teams and provide suggestions on how to ensure their effectiveness.Your tasks:Assessment Task 2: Team Consultancy Project (Part 2: Report) Weight: 40%Assignment type: team assignmentWord count: 2,500 words +/- 10% (references excluded)Deadline: TBDLearning outcomes:To achieve learning outcomes #1, #2, #3 and #5, you need to do the following:Suggested report structureYou can have multiple paragraphs in each part.Marking rubric (see below)Advice for writing the report1) Research investigation: Since you do not have research ethics approval from RMIT’s Research Ethics Committee, you cannot conduct formal interviews, surveys or experiments to collect data for this assignment. However, you can identify the research problem through collecting experiences from your team members or from informal discussions with other students.10) Report: Compiling a to-do-list is not a systematic solution. The solutions should beconnected with your analyses in previous section, connect to theories and clearlyexplained.Project targetsYou can choose from one of the example research targets listed below and formulate your own problem statements. You can also develop your own research target after consulting with your tutor. Example research topics*:* For each topic, you can focus on domestic students, international students (or one specific group of international student) or both.Other important informationLate penaltiesFor assignments 1 to 5 days late, a penalty of 10% (of the marks awarded) per day willAssignments willnot be accepted if more than five days late, unless special consideration is approved.Extension procedureExtension approval possible for up to 7 days late after which Special Consideration is required (unless student has equitable assessment arrangement): Extensions of time for submission of assessable workSpecial ConsiderationStudents seeking an extension of more than 7 calendar days (from the original due date) must lodge an Application for Special Consideration form under the provisions of the Special Consideration Policy, preferably prior to, but no later than 5 working days after the official due date.Late applications will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. PlagiarismPlagiarism is a form of cheating in assessment and may occur in oral, written or visual presentations. It is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person, without appropriate referencing, as though it is your own (selff-plagiarism).The penalties for cheating in assessment are severe, whether the cheating involves plagiarism, fabrication, falsification of data, copyright infringement or some other method. Penalties can include charges of academic misconduct, cancellation of results and exclusion from your course. It is also a disciplinary offence for you to allow your work to be plagiarised by another student. You are responsible for keeping your work in a secure place. RMIT has a policy on plagiarism available at responsibilities/academic-integrity. Students are reminded that the Turnitin program is used in this course to check the submitted assessment. To avoid plagiarism, you must acknowledge the sources of other’s ideas by appropriate citation and referencing. More information about referencing can be found in the Learning Lab:


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