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Instructions: This assignment is designed to give insight into how questions are designed on the certification exam and how each question on the exam relates to the task.
In this assignment you will prepare 2 questions for each task: 1 for the knowledge portion and 1 for the skill portion of the individual task. There are 13 tasks; therefore, you will be writing 26 exam questions.  The STS exam blue print can be found starting on page 9 of the Complete Guide to the STS and STSC APPLICATION AND EXAMINATION INFORMATION – November 2014 Edition.
Your questions must originate from at least six different reference sources and you are limited to using only two questions developed from an internet source. What I am looking for are questions that are higher in analytical thought. Questions should be written as multiple choices with four choices. Do not create answers with “A and B” or “all are correct” type questions.  You must also provide the logic that is used to answer the question. Highlight the correct answer in yellow. Follow the format below and make sure that you contain all the Information as displayed. 
The following links will provide recommended study sources. You may have at least one of these if you kept your SATC 112-Loss Control book. Please note that the blue print for the STS and STSC are identical expect that 25% of the questions are industry based (general industry 1910 or construction 1926) depending on which pathway you select for examination.
If you cannot find enough references, you may need to visit a public library or Nicholls Library. 
Example of How the Questions Should Be Submitted.
Question 1 Task 1 Skill
Question: Some of the most common contributing factors in construction accidents are:
a) Physical hazards, human factors, poor communication, environmental hazards, personal protective equipment failure.
b) Environmental hazards, poor communication criminal action, physical hazards, inadequate or missing procedures. 
c)Poor communication, human factors, environmental hazards, physical hazards,inadequate or missing procedures. 
d) Human factors, illiteracy, environmental hazards, physical hazards, inadequate or missing procedures. 
Logic: Though all answers can contribute the most common contributing factors to accidents in construction are poor communication, human factors, environmental hazards, physical hazards, and inadequate or missing procedures. 
Source: Goetsch, D. L.(2003). Construction Safety and Health. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. 46.
Note: This question is applicable to the STSC.   This must be original work produced by the group so DO NOT copy and paste questions from the BCSP sample questions. 


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