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600 words. Graph. Comparison.100% No plagarism! APA format. International Business Comm. You are in the role of project manager for a hamburger franchise global expansion project. The magnitude of the project requires you to prepare for the project kickoff meeting and business negotiations with the project team who are potential partners from Mexico China Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). You understand that these cultures are vastly different. They have different business customs social protocols and languages. However they also have a strong relationship with several of your vendors so they may be viable business partners for your expansion project. To prepare for your project kickoff meeting and first outreach effort with each country analyze the cultural similarities and differences that exist between the countries and the United States using Geert Hofstedes Six Cultural Dimensions as discussed in class. Provide a bar graph or table along with a discussion of these comparisons (600 words). Step One: Visit Step Two: Create a country comparison using the United States in first dropdown menu box to see the values for the six cultural dimensions. After selecting the United States a second and a third country can be chosen in the second dropdown menu box. Keep the United States in the first box and then repeat for each country (Mexico China United Arab Emirates and Israel) involved in the fast food expansion project to see a comparison of their scores. Step Three: Create a bar graph or table to highlight how the four countries compare to the United States by using the value scores under the comparison to create the bar chart. How to make a graph on Microsoft Word: Step Four: Using the United States as a basis for comparison evaluate each countrys similarities and differences. . . The post Create a country comparison using the United States in first dropdown menu box to see the values for the six cultural dimension appeared first on Brainy Term Papers.


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