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Topic: Credit for Life Experience Description: Please see attached.This assignment will require that you translate life experience into transferable credits. This is a capstone project and needed to graduate. Attached you will find a resume of someone in my class. You will also find attached the syllabus to the class. A brief overview is attached. You will need to answer the questions within the overview and create a 6-page paper showing how the person’s resume translates to show that that person has already learned skills in their work experience that they would learn in the class. Fill free to make up scenarios to fit the narrative. Any references should only be in order to help Identify what you are trying to explain while relating your prior learned knowledge to the course. The job is NAVY SUPPLY LOGISTICS SPECIALIST.a.the course for which the experience is proposed as an equivalent;b.a detailed description of the experience, including nature, duration, and role responsibilities; accounting of how the experience is directly related to the educational objectives of the student’s program of study;d.demonstrated mastery of the concepts covered in the equivalent academic course;e.documentation that the experience resulted in the acquisition of knowledge/skills worthy of academic credit (this may include validation by someone who is familiar with the student’s accomplishments with regards to the experience); 5/12 Please note that you adhere to the specific instructions. Being that I have granted these extensions I will not have a lot of room for revisions. This is a assignment where you are acting like the person for whom I have given you the resume … you are writing your paper to show that your life experiences ( reflected in the resume and job, I have supplied this as well) allow you to confidently say that you already know the material that will be covered within the class that I have provided the course instruction


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