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Question.     Critically evaluate the difference between workers, independent contractors and employees, taking account of recent case law.  Outline the implications for employers and employed staff.Word count or equivalent: 1500 words, + or – 10% (maximum = 1650 words)Assessment criteria:These express the criteria against which achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessedOrganisation and Coherence                                                                                 10 marksClear structure and presentationIntroduction must state an aim and explicitly identify relevant arguments and areas to be addressed. These areas must be followed up logically in the study Firm conclusion of the areas discussedContent                                                                                                                      20 marksRelated to area of study, demonstrate originality and creativity, Knowledge and understanding must be applied to practiceClarity of Expression                                                                                               10 marksAreas must be clearly expressed, articulate and fluent Accurate spelling and grammarLevel of Analysis and Synthesis                                                                             30 marksClear critical analysis and synthesis of issues, well integrated and evaluatedUse of Literature showing appropriate knowledge and understanding            20 marksAppropriate use of academic literature researchQuality of referencing                                                                                              10 marksAll key sources must be cited, and consistent and accurate use of Harvard referencing must be maintainedIt is suggested that writing of the assignment takes into account the following points:


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