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I have attached the text book to this questions, please make sure to read Chapter 6 of your textbook.
Please provide comprehensive responses to the following:
(a) In the use of a categorical variable with n possible values, explain the following:
    1. Why only n – 1 binary variables are necessary
    2. Why using n variables would be problematic
(b) Describe how logistic regression can be used as a classifier.
(c) Discuss how the ROC curve can be used to determine an appropriate threshold value for a classifier
(d) If the probability of an event occurring is 0.4, then
    1. What is the odds ratio?
    2. What is the log odds ratio?
– Typed in a word document.
– Please write in APA Style and include at least Five (5) reputable sources.
– The complete paper should be between 800-to-1000-words. 
– No plagiarism 


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