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EssayAnswers should be at least three paragraphs (introduction, body, and conclusion). Students will type the essay using 11 or 12-point font (Calibri or Times New Roman are acceptable fonts styles). Students are not required to use outside sources, however, any material borrowed from sources must be cited.Special Note: Students are encouraged to use material found in the films. However, make sure you represent the examples accurately (do not confuse stories or examples). Misrepresenting or inaccurate examples or stories from the films will result in point deductions. (the film is ESCAPE FIRE, Money Matters online)Define and discuss the concept escape fire making sure to include a working definition of what escape fires are in medicine. Clearly identify and discuss some of the problem areas that exist in the American medical system. Then, discuss at least two escape fires that address some of these problem areas. Make sure you clearly explain the problem areas, fully develop the escape fires, and clearly explain how it addresses one or more problem areas. Details


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