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Due 05-02 at 5:00 p.m EST… BE ON TIME!!!!!READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY…DON’T ASK FOR ASSIGNMENT IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT!All in MLA format..CITATIONS IN MLA FORMAT1) Define the following terms,find 6 different poems w TITLE using BOOK sources,you must write your source of information in MLA format…..ALL FROM BOOKS,NO INTERNET FOR A-FA)TankaB) SonnetC) Free VerseD) Blank VerseE) OdeF) Elegy2) Find 6 other forms of poetry of choice,using 3 book sources and 3 internet sources,define the term,type the poem W TITLE,type your source information in MLA format… DON’T use these forms Tanka, Sonnet, Free Verse, Blank Verse, Ode, Elegy, Ballad, Lyric, Cinquain, Diamante, Limerick, HaikuALL YOUR TERM SHOULD LOOK LIKE THE EXAMPLE BELOW::FOR EXAMPLE:TANKA: DEFINITION HERENEXT YOU PUT THE TANKA POEM IN THIS SECTION WITH TITLENEXT YOU CITE IT USING MLA FORMAT…YOU DON’T NEED A SEPERATE REFERENCE PAGE BECAUSE YOU WILL CITE AFTER EVERY TERM AND POEM..


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