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observer article: Demonstrate how well you (1) grasp the issues, (2) link them to text material, (3) evaluate the authors’ ability to clearly articulate their main points, and(4) show how the column has affected you or your thinking.Reflection should, at minimum: (1) Tell the author and title of the column, giving an in-text citation, as well as a complete reference. (2) Tell the purpose of yourreflection. (3) What the main points of the column were. (3) Evaluate how well the author supported the main points and how well the author achieved their goal. (4)How does to shape your thinking about psychology, human behavior, etc. What was most surprising? What will you remember the most?Write reflection with the assumption that whoever is reading the reflection has already read the article. Make sure to include all the major points the author istrying to make. Summarize enough to demonstrate your knowledge of the article and its main points.


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