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ournal entries should be detailed and specific observations of the assigned topic. You are encouraged to sketch your observations in order to clarify ideas. You should include research images with each journal entr.e. Photographs are encouragedquality of each source. Describe the quality of sunlight in each room. Note thedirection and color changes due to time of day. Note the quality changes when lightfiltered through an objet such as drapery or a lampshade.Note your observations of shadows and their relationship to the light sourceNote your observations of light at different times of the day; be specific aboutquality of light, shadows, direction and color.Note your observations of light at sunriseNote your observation of light during different weather conditionsNote your observations of interior lighting and exterior lighting at nightNote your observations of light at Magic HourNote your observations of television lighting styles (Comedy vs. Drama)Note your observations of light in three magazine advertisementsObservation of the quality of light in three Rembrandt or Vermeer paintingsNote your observations of lighting in a cartoon Disney musical movie. (I.e. The Lion King or Hunchback of Notre Dame)Each journal is no longer than one page, double space. and need to add at least one picture as the research source, this is journal, not paper. do not need titles or reference. the text total should be about 10 pages for 13 journals. there is some vocabularies in the powerpoint can be used.


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