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Note:· In this day I worked with one student who has difficulty learning.· I helped him to write his name. Also in another hour we worked on numbers (count from 1 to 5) on combater. Please write something about that and complete all questions in the box. thanks a lot.OBSERVATION LOGNote: Students are to be involved in hands-on experiences withexceptional learners throughout the field experience.Name: bebooSchool:Cooperating Teacher:Subject: Writing and MathGrade: 4thTime/Date: 8:30 to 11:30/ 01-29-2018Describe the Service Delivery Option(s) in which you observed on this date. (Refer to pg.67-75 of your text.) Where does this placement fall in the continuum of Least Restrictive Environment?What is your impression of the benefits of the placement for the students with exceptionalities and their non-disabled peers you observed today?What social interaction and friendship did you observe between the students with exceptionalities and their non-disabled peers?Describe the activities in which you participated on this date.How are the students with exceptionalities accessing the general curriculum?Describe the learning support you observed with exceptional learners.Did you observe the use of Assistive Technology? (Refer to Chapter 5 of your text.) Universal Design for Learning? (pg. 27-31 of your text)Professional reflection for this date:What was the most significant thing you learned from one of your students with exceptionalities on this date?


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