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3 Assessment Task 3 – Research Portfolio Your Research Portfolio may be attempted individually, or in a group of not more than five (5) persons. The word limit for individuals is 2000 words. The word limit for groups is 2000 per person. Your portfolio should demonstrate reference to at least ten (10) peer reviewed academic journal articles. Case Briefing Note: Melinda Gates and Priscilla Chan have recently attended the biennial World Advancement Conference where a number of aid delivery, engineering, information technology, and education firms have showcased their products for use in the development of infrastructure in developing countries. Gates and Chan are very interested in stabilising developing regions and enabling Project Loon as a method of distributing knowledge and advancing these countries. Of particular interest to Gates and Chan are the Pouncer Drone, the Spider Light Strike Vehicle and the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle, specifically for rapid aid delivery. Following this showcase, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, have engaged you to provide strategic advice for the creation of a permanent aid delivery corporation. You must form a corporation, and its immediate mission is to enable the acquisition, delivery, and operation of essential life support items. The corporation has been named the StratSynth Group. StratSynth is not-for-profit and will be funded by the Giving Pledge. You have received an immediate instruction from Priscilla Chan stating Synstrat’s first objective will be to address, in a very public manner, the East African Drought Crisis. Your mission is to design an organisation to meet not only the current Chan directive, but to meet future requirements in flood and disease stricken areas, or areas that have been disadvantaged by decades of warfare or economic denial. The specific focus of the organisation is toward establishing long term recovery and rehabilitation for stricken nations. Your response should include the following: 1)     Introduction 2)     Background to the situation 3)     A PESTEL analysis describing the business landscape upon which StratSynth will operate 4)     A Five Forces analysis of the likely competitors to StratSynth 5)     The business level resources and capabilities required for the StratSynth mission 6)     Identification of five (5) organisations with the resources and capabilities with which StratSynth may engage using Corporate Level Strategies. 1 A rationale explaining why each organisation should be included. i.     The advice will include recommendations regarding implementing Joint Venture, Equity Alliance, or NonEquity Alliance in each case. 7)     Address Melinda Gates’ interests in the firms producing the Pouncer Drone, the Spider Light Strike Vehicle and the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle, and provide advice on whether these firms should be included in the cooperative strategic relationships. 8)     Provide an organisational structure for a six (6) person Syntrat Headquarters group, and include a brief role statement and rationale for each individual employed. 9)     Provide a vision and mission statement for the Systrat Group. This should include a positioning statement defining the cooperative stance of Synstrat with other similarly aligned organisations.


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