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QNT/565 Final Examination Study GuideThis study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in the final week. It contains practice questions, which are related to each week’s objectives. In addition, refer to each week’s readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination.Week One: The Purpose of Business ResearchObjective:Determine the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to the situation, risk management, or opportunity.Which of the following questions is considered when discussing the management dilemma? How can management eliminate negative symptoms? What does the manager need to know to choose the best alternative from the available sources of action? What is the recommended course of action? What symptoms cause management concern? What should be asked or observed to obtain the information the manager needs?Objective:Determine the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to the situation, risk management, or opportunity.The fundamental weakness in the research process is: incorrectly defining the research question B. identifying a flawed sampling frame C. misdefining the target population D. failing to identify all relevant secondary information E. skipping the exploratory phaseObjective: Identify ethical issues involved in business research.Which of the following is an example of findings nondisclosure? Dean and Deluca doesn’t want Whole Foods to know about it is conducting research on organic wines. B. Whole Foods is studying a potential new location near a large condo complex. C. Bayer seeks to disclose that Vioxx is no more effective than aspirin. D. Vioxx seeks to hide results suggesting that it is equivalent to aspirin in reducing the pain of arthritis.Objective: Identify ethical issues involved in business research.The right of interviewers, surveyors, experimenters, observers, and participants to be protected from threat of physical or psychological harm is the right to: quality B. security C. freedom D. safety E. happinessObjective: Develop the purpose of the research, research questions, and hypotheses.BankChoice is concerned about stagnating profits and asks, “How can profitability be improved?” This is an example of: a management question B. a research question C. an investigative question D. a measurement question E. a management dilemmaWeek Two: Types of Research DesignObjective:Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative methods of research.Which of the following is true of quantitative research? It uses a nonprobability sampling method. B. Results are generalizable. C. Data analysis is ongoing during the project. D. Sample sizes are generally small. E. It uses multiple data collection methods.Objective: Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative methods of research.Qualitative methods that encourage participants to reveal hidden or suppressed attitudes, ideas, emotions, and motives are called _____ techniques. deceptive B. unstructured C. projective D. focus group E. semistructuredObjective: Explain commonly used qualitative research designs and quantitative research designs.American Airlines is conducting a qualitative study on preferences of business travelers who fly frequently. Before inviting an individual to participate, the researcher on the project wants to ensure that all participants travel for business more than pleasure and meet the American Airlines’ definition of frequent flier. What is the best way for the researcher to ensure that participants will meet these criteria? Use a recruitment screener prior to inviting individuals to participate. B. Delete interviews after the study ends from those who don’t meet the qualifications. C. Draw a sample from a list of people with an American Airlines affinity credit card. D. Draw a sample from a list of people with an affinity credit card associated with any airline. E. Contact a travel agency for a list of prospects.Objective: Select the appropriate type of research design in a given business situation.InZone Research will survey fans attending one of the Final Four games to assess preferences for pricing and products offered at concession stands. What type of study is this an example of? Formal B. Cross-sectional C. Longitudinal D. Monitoring E. Ex post factoObjective: Select the appropriate type of research design in a given business situation.Jack is participating in a research study. The interviewer asks Jack to say the first word that comes to mind when he hears a product’s benefits. What type of projective technique is this an example of? Thematic apperception test B. Sentence completion C. Brand mapping D. Laddering E. Word associationWeek Three: Measurement and Data CollectionObjective: Differentiate among the four levels of measurement and how they are used in data collection for research.What type of data is produced by constant-sum scales? Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. RatioObjective: Differentiate among the four levels of measurement and how they are used in data collection for research.Which of the following types of data are collected using a classification question? Gender B. Purchase behavior C. Attitude toward the brand D. Personality E. Behavioral intentObjective: Develop the data collection instruments.A survey of preferences among frequent air travelers will be conducted at airports nationwide. Prior to asking target questions regarding respondent preferences, which of the following should occur? Screen questions should ensure that participants are frequent air travelers. B. Socio-economic questions should be asked. C. Questions about terrorist concerns should be asked. D. Branching questions can distinguish between frequent air travelers and less frequent travelers. E. Free-response questions should be asked.Objective: Differentiate among sampling methods and their application in business research.Which type of nonprobability sampling technique involves choosing participants arbitrarily for their unique characteristics, experiences, attitudes, or perceptions? A. Random sampling B.Purposive sampling C. Convenience sampling D. Snowball sampling E. Quota samplingObjective: Differentiate among sampling methods and their application in business research.Which term below refers to a controlled procedure that assures that each population element is given a known nonzero chance of selection into the sample? A. Nonprobability sampling B.Random selection C. Systematic selection D. Judgment sampling E. Statistical selectionWeek Four: Descriptive Data Analysis ApproachesObjective: Prepare collected data for analysis.If the mean and median of a population are the same, then its distribution is: A. normal B. skewed C.symmetric D. uniformObjective: Differentiate between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.Which is a correct statement concerning the median? A.In a left-skewed distribution, we expect that the median will exceed the mean. B. The sum of the deviations around the median is zero. C. The median is an observed data value in any data set. D. The median is halfway between Q1 and Q3 on a boxplot.Objective: Calculate central tendency and dispersion.The median of 600, 800, 1000, 1200 is: A. 800 B. 1000 C.900 D. 950Objective: Calculate the correlation between two variables.The _____ is a measure of the association between two variables after controlling or adjusting for the effects of one or more additional variables. A. regression analysis B.partial correlation coefficient C. ANOVA D. product moment correlation E. gammaObjective: Calculate the correlation between two variables.What does r2 measure? A.The proportion of variation in one variable that is explained by the other B. The proportion of error variation C. The proportion of variation in Y related to the variation of the categories of X D. The proportion of variation in Y due to the variation within each of the categories of X E. The significance of the relationship between X and YWeek Five: Inferential Data Analysis ApproachesObjective: Differentiate between parametric tests and nonparametric tests._____ tes
ts are hypothesis testing procedures that assume that the variables of interest are measured on at least an interval scale. A. parameter B.parametric C. nonparametric D. significance E. metricObjective: Determine the data analysis approach for a data set.A statistical technique that describes two or more variables simultaneously and results in tables that reflect the joint distribution of two or more variables that have a limited number of categories or distinct values is: A. a t test B. an ANOVA C. a factor analysis D.a cross-tabulation E. a regressionObjective: Apply the steps in testing a research hypothesis.The hypothesis that the number of hours worked is related to student grade point average is a _____ hypothesis. A. null B. one-tailed test C.two-tailed test D. test of proportions E. test of meansObjective: Compare the means of two or more groups.Which of the following best explains how the F ratio examines differences among groups? A.The variability attributable to a treatment is compared to the variability arising from random error. B. The probability of making a type I error is compared to the probability of making a type II error. C. The critical F is compared to the critical t. D. The standard deviation for each group is subtracted from the mean of all groups.ANOVA can be used as a parametric test of: A. one sample B. two-related samples C. two-unrelated samples D.k-independent samplesWeek Six: Research FindingsObjective: Interpret data analysis results to reach conclusions.A readability analysis of a research report scored a 10 on Gunning’s Fog Index. Which of the following statements is the best interpretation of this score? A. People over the age of 10 should be able to read the report comfortably. B. People with less than a 10th-grade education will be comfortable reading the report. C.A person with a 10th–grade education or higher will be able to read the report comfortably. D. 10% of the report is difficult to read. E. The report is unreadable to most people on a scale of 1 to 10.Objective: Interpret data analysis results to reach conclusions.Three randomly-chosen Colorado students were asked how many times they went rock climbing last month. Their replies were 5, 6, and 7. The coefficient of variation is: A.16.7% B. 13.6% C. 20.0% D. 35.7%Objective: Make a recommendation about a problem or project based upon data analysis results and conclusions drawn.Nasta Corporation conducted a foreign language survey among college students at 5 public universities. Results showed a significant relationship between language proficiency and magazine readership. Based on this finding, Nasta Corporation can make which recommendation to university officials? Recommend students take at least one foreign language. Taking a foreign language will not improve students’ reading. Additional research is needed to determine which magazines are read by college students. Results are inclusive.Objective: Make a recommendation about a problem or project based upon data analysis results and conclusions drawn.The Human Resources Department at Trident Corporation conducted a job satisfaction survey among its employees.Results show a significant negative relationship between job satisfaction and pay category.Human Resources should recommend what action to management? The results are inclusive. Conduct additional research by pay category to determine specific areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Based on the results, job satisfaction is comparable to industry norms and therefore no further action is required. Increase pay levels for all employees to obtain comparable level of satisfaction among pay categories.Objective: Make a recommendation about a problem or project based upon data analysis results and conclusions drawn.A team of MBA student examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls.One hundred and twenty vehicles were examined at each location.Results show a significant relation between vehicle type and mall location. The team should include which recommendation in the research report? It would be difficult to make any recommendation as the sample size is too small. Further research is needed to determine which stores in the mall. The results are inconclusive. Store advertising will be a function to consumer demographics.


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