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Public Health and Health Care ServicesUsing the public health issue that was selected for Week 1, describe how the issue is currently addressed by public health services and by medical practice services to include any collaborations that may exist. Using a general outline, develop a plan for how the issue could be addressed more effectively. Explain how the components of your plan that are different from current interventions would produce more effective outcomes.Note: The focus of this assignment as it relates to your selected public health issue should be prevention and treatment. Provide a 3 to 5-page Microsoft Word document that includes the following:Discuss current interventions by public health and medical care professionals for the health issue that you have selected. Develop a general plan for how the health concern could be addressed more effectively using public health and medical care organizations. Explain why the changes that you are proposing would be beneficial to the population and to the organization providing healthcare services, thereby improving health outcomes.


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