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strategic Warehouse Management, Inc. (SWM) is a U.S. based  warehousing organization in the construction and management of warehouse  operations. The CEO’s market development team has determined that there  is an opportunity to open a warehouse in Australia that could serve  multiple businesses. The CEO plans to open a “non-resident company”  (Land and Tax News, 2012). The CEO has also decided that the warehouse  can be opened in any city in Australia. Some clients in Australia have  also asked SWM to manage the flow of goods from Australia to U.S.  locations. The CEO wants to get a preliminary plan developed as soon as  possible before going further.The CEO asked you to design a  supply chain that includes warehouse operations in any city in  Australia. In addition, the CEO has a number of items he’d like to see  you cover in the report. He has asked you to:Your report should be an eight to ten page APA style paper (not  including the title and reference pages) and submitted to the CEO (your  instructor) by the last day of the class. You are required to include at  least 6 scholarly sources


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