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The Cost of Doing Security Business,,Read the section on Technological Safeguards (pp.420-431). Providing security for an organization can be a costly venture. The cost of safeguarding our information and resources should never exceed the value of that information and resource. As an MIS manager we are forced to make some very tough decisions each day. From the list of Technological Safeguards, select one of the protection measures that we feel may be too costly and provides some minimized benefit.,,Answer 150 words or less with 1 reference using APA format.,,Question #2: Hot Topics in Business Intelligence Collapse/What’s the Buzz on Business intelligence?,,Visit a web site of an IT related content provider, such as Information Week, Computerworld, CIO, or News Factor. Search for articles on Business Intelligence. You can find these online resources at:,,Visit:,Visit:,Visit:,Visit:,,After having scanned and through several of the articles, discuss any findings with others in our class. Below please find some questions to consider:,1.What is the focus of the different web sites?,2.What are the hot technologies and related issues being reported?,3.Which seemed to be most important topic of interest to business managers?,,Answer 150 words or less with 1 reference using APA format.,


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