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You are a newly hired VP of mergers and special projects.  You have noticed that there are shifts in the healthcare industry and you want to ensure your facility can continue to sustain itself in the future.  You want to make a recommendation to pursue a specific population to increase funding, but you must make a logical explanation to the board.Create a PowerPoint presentation 8 slides and make a recommendation to the board. Use the notes section in PowerPoint to provide detailed speaker notes with your presentation that fully explain each point and justification for your recommendations.1. Create a timeline of the development of the US healthcare system which includes the following :a. The shift from physician power to insurance company control.b. Public versus private sector institutions.c. Medicare and Medicaid, Prospective Payment System, and the trend shift from private insurance to HMO.d. Potential impact of U.S. healthcare system reform.2. Discuss long-term care, special populations and palliative care.  Also address insurance types for different populations and settings, systems for measuring quality, and types of providers working in each type of facility.Make a recommendation on serving one of the populations (long-term care, special populations, and palliative care).


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