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On-line Assignment #1 Please, complete the following assignment and submit your work as a thread to the discussion. Your written submission is due by midnight on Wednesday, January 31st. Your next step is to comment on 2 of your classmates’ posts before midnight on Sunday, February 4th.This assignment comprises 5% of your final grade.Please, watch one of the following videos and read one of the following articles. If you find the topic interesting, please read or watch more than one of the suggestions.Answer ONE of the following prompts based on your reading, viewing, class discussion, and personal experiences. Your response should be approximately 500 words.Selection of readings:The Future of Human Work is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy (Harvard Business Review, January 2018) to Prepare the Next Generation for Jobs in the AI Economy (Harvard Business Review, June 2017) of videos:Machine Intelligence makes Human Morals more Important (TedTalk with Zeynep Tufekci) Future we are Building – and Boring (TEDTalk with Elon Musk) We will Earn Money in a Future without Jobs (TEDTalk with Martin Ford) a Robot Pass a University Entrance Exam? (TEDTalk with Noriko Arai)Can we Build AI without Losing Control over it? (TEDTalk with Sam Harris) 


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