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Criteria for a successful dissertation reportRelationship to ES Programme contentThe dissertation is designed to enable you to select a field of study which is of personal interest to you and of future value to you as someone with interests in the professional, working field of education studies. Within this chosen area, you should select a topic for investigation which focuses on the quality of provision associated with your programme of study.The dissertation will usually follow the conventions of an evidenced based (empirical) enquiry related to first-hand information (data) gathering in settings such as schools, colleges, training organisations, youth organisations and their associated staff or student groups.Relationship to your supervisorIt is part of the rationale of a dissertation that you conduct a good deal of this work under your own guidance and initiative. However, you will be allocated a supervisor who will help you:Each supervisor has only a limited time allocation per student. You will therefore have just six formal sessions with your supervisor. It is important that you take full advantage of the opportunity to meet with your supervisor and that you make the visits totally focused on what you want to know. Your supervisor will support your initiative and provide feedback about your work progress within the specified time periods mentioned above.A supervisor cannot give advice on your final draft submission and so you need to make good use of your individual tutorial sessions well before the time of final draft so that you know that you are moving along the right lines. You should remain in close contact with your supervisor and make an advance booking for tutorials during the specified time periods. Individual consultations with supervisors are your responsibility to arrange and so please be pro-active in this respect.To help you gain maximum benefit from the supervisions and tutorials the following should be observed:Word CountThis is a ‘model’ structure for Education Research dissertations. Individual dissertations may vary in organisation only following negotiations between student and their supervisors. However, it is unlikely that a successful dissertation will deviate widely from this overall strategy.The front cover of your report must display:(The title is important and, therefore, must be agreed with your supervisor.Thank anyone who has assisted you in providing data or help with your investigation. You can refer to tutors and relations by name, but protect the identity of individuals and schools used in the investigations (particularly if sensitive data is presented).  Dedications are permitted.This is a brief overview of the aims, research questions (RQs), participants/institutions sampled, methods employed, and a brief account of findings and conclusion. Write approximately 150 words.Introduction/Purpose and Aims (Approximately 800 words)Research Ethics (Approximately 600 words)Conclusion and Recommendations (Approx. 800 words)A reader should be able to read your Introduction and this Chapter and gain a comprehensive, but succinct picture of what the whole dissertation is about.ReferencesThe overall purposes of the reference list are:Do not include any text not explicitly mentioned in your text. There must be discernible evidence of having made reference to a work.AppendicesInclude here material necessary for the reader’s fuller understanding of the text. This must include: Statement of research focus


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