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Midterm ExamThe midterm exam is based on the following case study:You may want to read this article prior to opening the exam.  You may refer to the case study throughout the exam, as well.There are six essay questions on this exam.Question 1Review the case study information provided at the link below for Vanguard then address the questions that follow.Based on the case study data and the actions taken by Vanguard, which change method do you feel most closely resembles their actions (Kotter’s 8 steps, Complexity Theory, Learning Organization Theory, Green and Sustainability Theory, and Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis (Unfreeze, Change, Freezing)? Explain your reasoning.Do you feel that the approach you identified in question 1 was the most appropriate choice for Vanguard? Why or why not? If you said no, which theory would you have recommended they use? Why?Do you feel Vanguard’s change efforts were successful? Why or why not?If you were in charge of the change efforts at Vanguard, what key actions would you have done differently? Why?What actions did Vanguard take to create a vision for their team? Was it effective? Why or why not?Vanguard claims that their approach to change was different. Why was their change different than what other industries or other organizations might have done?


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