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Read “Ethical Writing in the Workplace” pp. 29-42 and “Memos” pp. 133-141. Then, draft a memo to your boss about one of the following unethical activities you have witnessed or experienced in your workplace: bullying, surfing pornography websites, telling sexist or racist jokes, misdating or backdating company records, or exaggerating workplace-related injuries.


Your memo must be carefully documented, fair, and persuasive—in short, ethical.



^ so that is my assignemnt and the book is :  It is by Kolin, Pfeiffer & Forsberg, and the title is:  Successful Writing at Work  and  Ethics on the Job  (10 th  edition)


Also, i have attached 7 images for examples of  “Memos” and their style. 



Make sure that your memo is 400-500 words and is formatted like one of the textbook examples.





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