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First Job Information
Municipal Directorate of Popular Power Old Havana  07/2002-12/2002
Job: Accounting/ Payroll Clerk
Job description: Payroll Clerk accountable for collecting timekeeping information, incorporating a variety of deductions into a periodic payroll, and issuing pay and pay-related information to employees.  
College Level Learning and Your Learning Autobiography
Think back to your first week at a new job. Reflect on the entire experience from training, interaction with coworkers, adjusting to a new environment and anything else you remember. Write a one paragraph autobiography about your first week.
Now think about that same first week on the job in the context of experiential learning at a college-level. In a second paragraph, rewrite your first paragraph as a Learning Autobiography. Describe the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities you learned and demonstrated during that first week.
Post both paragraphs in the discussion. 
Examine your two autobiographical statements. 
What did you write differently and why?


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