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Use Matlab to e valuate the effect of electric dipole charge Q and distance d on the electric field intensity and potential. 2. Use Matlab t o plot the electric field and equipotential lines due to: a. Two point charges Q and – 3Q located at (x, y) = ( – 2, 0) and (1, 0) respectively b. Four point charges Q, – Q, Q, – Q located at (x, y) = ( – 1, – 1), (1, – 1), (1, 1), ( – 1, 1) For simplicity, assume for the second objective that Q = 4 pe 0 and – 10 < x, y < 10 Theory : Electric dipole is two point cha rges of equal magnitude and opposite polarity separated by a very small distance compared to the distance where the field is calculated


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