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Identify a state health policy and the tools used to implement the policy.Health policy of a state is government initiative in collaboration with other concerned policy makers that enable them to attain a present and future objective of high quality and affordable health care services and system that work for the people. This is outlined and articulate in the processes and formulations that are guided by the legislation, opinions, guidelines, regulations and set standards. In America, the current healthcare policy is the Patient Protection and Affordable health care that brought in Obama care. It was enacted in 2010. It required the employers to provide their workers with health care insurances. This necessitated every citizen to have health insurance and contribute towards it. The tools used to implement the policy include the “cheat sheets” and work plan, the self-audit insurance tool and the checklist for the exchange function tool (Hall & Lord, 2014).How do you think the political climate has affected the choice of policy tools and the behavioral assumptions by policymakers? The political climate deflected the choice and use of the various tools available by opposing direct government involvement in the structuring and financing of the implementation the policy thus inducing the use of the above tools (Tanenbaum, 2016). How have professional nursing organizations been involved in this policy issue?The professional nursing has been mandated to ensure the policy is being followed by both employees and employers as they are encouraging them to be part of the policy implantation team. They have been asked to initiate bodies that will link the employees to employers that will advocate for the benefits of the program.Develop a few talking points to inform other health care professionals regarding this issue.The healthcare professionals need to take part in the policy implementation so as to ensure attendance of the affordable quality healthcare services to the Americans.Encourage all citizens to gladly contribute to the scheme and provide all the necessary information regarding the policy.Employ all available mechanism to ensure the objectives of the policy is achieved.


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