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Documented Paper GuidelinesEnglish 126/Marcie SimsOverall Description:  This paper is an analytical essay which explores a subtopic/sub-theme related to one of the focused themes from our class (cultural or human nature-related topics).  The paper will include both primary sources (4 or more assigned class readings) and secondary sources (5 to 8 scholarly sources from outside research—scholarly sources include any academic sources found on ProQuest or Google Scholar—go online to our library or in person for help with these. Other works of fiction, self-help books, reference books such as encyclopedias or dictionaries, holy texts (such as the Bible), are not considered scholarly, secondary sources—so you can include them as supplements only—they will not count as a secondary source.  When you submit your works cited list for workshop, I will note whether you have used a source that will not count).The paper will be 9 pages (not including the Works Cited page), typed, double-spaced, 10-12 font, in correct MLA typing and citation format.Specifically, the paper will include the following components:Stages/Due Dates: See homework sheet for due dates1: (25 pts) A topic proposal idea for your documented paper—write a few sentences about the theme you would explore, what you would like to connect and prove through your paper, which readings from class so far that you would consider reading—we still have another 6 days of reading after this—and any ideas you might have for looking for good secondary sources–.2:   Formal Paper Proposal Due [worth up to 50 points]The paper proposal must include the following:3: (50 points)1-2 paragraph formal summary of one of your secondary, scholarly sources you will use in your paper (include a Works Cited entry for this source in correct MLA format).  Then, in 2-4 sentences, explain how you will use this source in your paper (what theme/readings, etc).5  By 11:59 pm: Revised Works Cited list due  [worth up to 25 pts.]  Begin working on your Outline.6 Outline due for posting for Peer review—then fill out the Outline Critique Form for your two assigned classmates by 11:59 pm.[20 points]7 Outline Critique for a peer (workshop)8  Revised Outline due for a grade [worth up to 80 points]9: Complete documented paper (including Works Cited page) due for in-class formal workshop with critique form  [worth 25 points for your draft and for your peer review– 50 points total].10, finish critiquing the assigned peers/classmates for workshop using the Documented paper Critique form.  Post the form for them.11):  Final, revised paper due for a final grade [worth up to 200 points].           12: Final Self-assessment Essay due (see assignment).


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