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Directions for Paper 2Your paper must be a minimum of four (4) pages in length (not including the reference page), 12 point Times New Roman font or 11 point Calibri, 1.5 or double spaced lines, spellchecked, carefully edited, with approximately one-inch margins and page numbers. Include title, name and dateUpload in a Word (.doc, .docx) file to Canvas before the specified due date and time.The textbook material is sufficient; however you may include research from other sources with proper citations and a references page. If you include references, APA style is preferred.There is a posted grading rubric for this paper along with a grading rubric for peer reviews and editing.Topic Requirements:1)      Describe the overall classification of ethical theories.2)      Describe the following ethical theories and theories of justice covered in the course so far.§  Utilitarianism,§  Kantian Ethics,§  Virtue Ethics§  Natural Rights,§  Aristotle’s Distributive Justice§  Rawls’ Theory of Justice,§  Nozick’s Entitlement Theory3)      Describe the commonalities and differences between the theories.4)      Use discussion and examples to show the advantages, disadvantages and difficulties in applying the theories.Uploading your files to CanvasReviews:Start the filename with your “last name”Then add “rev of”Then add the “last name” of the paper writerExample: Jones rev of SmithPapers:Start the filename with your “last name”Then add “Paper #”Hide 


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