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The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) (2014) has identified the top issues health care management professionals will confront over the next decade. These top issues include financial challenges, health care reform implementation, and government mandates. The remaining issues are listed here:Providing care for the uninsured. Patient satisfaction (with quality of care and treatment). Physician-hospital relations. Population health management. Technology (advancing technology). Personnel shortages. Developing an accountable care organization. Communication (doctor-nursing staff and primary care facility-secondary care facility). Choose one of the bullet-pointed issues above to critically analyze. You may use information from credible professional Web sites, but you also must include articles from professional, peer-reviewed journals from the Capella library.Based on your research on the issue you chose from the bulleted list above, complete the following:Provide a brief description or overview of the challenge you selected (approximately 1 page). Explain how the challenge is impacting hospitals and other health care organizations (1–2 pages). Analyze the underlying (root) causes of the challenge (1–2 pages). Describe strategic solutions to the challenge (approximately 1 page). Analyze the effectiveness of the proposed solutions (1–2 pages). Support your analyses and explanations with references to current professional and peer-reviewed resources. Your paper must be 4–6 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.Additional Requirements Include a title page and reference page. Use at least three current peer-reviewed or professional resources. Follow APA format. Use 12 pt., Times New Roman font. Double-space. . . The post Explain how the challenge is impacting hospitals and other health care organizations ( appeared first on Brainy Term Papers.


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